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Cornice & Coping

GRP Coping

GRP Coping is a cost effective, lightweight durable alternative to traditional cast stone. Due to it being lighter than its traditional cast stone alternative, it makes it easier to install therefore making it a popular choice among builders.

In addition to this we are able to mimic the appearance of traditional cast stone making it nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two products. We offer a range of finishes and are able to produce our coping with either pre-mould stop ends or a kicker designs depending on our client’s requirements.

GRP Cornice

Cornice is a projecting moulding along the top of the building.

We can manufacture cornice in either a bright white GRP effect to fit in with soffit and fascia of a building or alternatively we can manufacture this in a stone effect to complement a more traditional build house.

Due to the way in which we manufacture this product we can adapt our sizes to suit our client’s requirements.

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